Joshua’s Camp Song

I want to share a new song with you. It’s one of only two songs that I’ve co-written.

Almost a year ago, John Finney introduced himself to me and told me of Joshua’s Camp. Joshua’s Camp is a camp for families who have a child being treated for cancer. You can read all about it here:

Joshua’s Camp Website

John asked me if I would play at the next Joshua’s Camp scheduled for 5/31/12 – 6/3/12 and I’m thrilled to be a part of it! John also asked me if I would take a look at some lyrics he had written and see if I could put them in to a “Joshua’s Camp song.” I told him that I would certainly look at the lyrics but that I couldn’t promise anything songwriting-wise but I would do my best.

John’s lyrics were great and I got lucky and came up with a chorus and adapted his words as the verses and the bridge and played the song for the first time at the Festival In The Pines in Eau Claire in August where John and other volunteers were doing a fund raiser for Joshua’s Camp.

I asked John if he could share with me (so I could share with you) his inspiration for the lyrics:

“When I watched the children, that were attending our Cancer Camp, one thing always seemed to be the same. No matter how sick they were from all the treatment side effects and the disease they were fighting, they would try so hard to join in with the other healthy children. They desperately wanted to sing, dance, play the game or just sit on the floor and play with the toys. More than anything else…they just wanted to be a kid again.”

You can hear our song called, “I Just Want To Be A Kid Again” on the music player:

I Just Want To Be A Kid Again.mp3

Thanks for listening. Enjoy the day!

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