When The Long Horn Blows….

Now I know that no song deserves three separate posts but I’ve been having a ton of fun with my Duluth song called, “Just Look At The Lake.”

When a ship passes underneath the aerial lift bridge in Duluth, they do something called a Captains Salute. The captain of the ship blows the ship’s horn and then the tender of the bridge answers back with a long blast and two short blasts. It’s really neat and we can hear it from our house.

I wanted to find a way to include the bridge’s horn in the song. So this morning I checked the harbor schedule and saw that there was a ship coming in at 1pm. At about 20 minutes to one, I looked out the window and saw the ship steaming in. I grabbed my camera and my trusty digital recorder and headed out the door. About 5 minutes later I was parked down in Canal Park and I headed for the bridge just as the ship was entering the canal. I turned on the recorder and recorded the ship’s horn and the bridge’s response.

If you listen to the updated version of “Just Look At The Lake,” on either .mp3 player you can hear the bridge at the end of the second verse where it talks about the bridge and the long horn blowing! Pretty fun!

I’m working on getting enough lake photos together for a slide show too.

Enjoy the day!

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